Wave 10 – Sheffield

The Sheffield wave started the programme in September 2020 and completed in May 2021. Posters and presentations recorded during the sessions can be found below.


Session 1 15 September 2020
Session 2 3 December 2020
Session 3 3 March 2021
Session 4 25 May 2021

Session 4 presentations and posters – 25 May 2021

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The team at Airedale take us through their QI journey, where they have improved clinic experience and the efficiently of collecting annual bloods (contains: clinic experience, process map, patient feedback, IT working group, NPDA).


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(keywords: improving glycaemic control, AIM timetable, simple instructions, fishbone analysis, driver diagram, qualitative feedback)

Calderdale and Huddersfield

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Jo and Amanda, Patient Advocates at the Calderdale and Huddersfield team talk about their role as advocates and the work to improve transition in the service (contains: advocacy, transition, engagement, virtual technology, physical environment, fishbone analysis).

Patient Advocate JD


Contact a QI Collaborative team

  • For example: I would like to know more about their high HBa1c pathway project

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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Tools to Improve Pump Skills (TIPS) – The team at Chesterfield Royal Hospital talk about developing their micro-education sessions, improved clinic flow and gained feedback from children and young people (Contains: Micro-education, clinic flow, fishbone analysis, patient feedback, downloading, consolidation sheet)

Read the article here.

The Doncaster team talk about their work in improving newly diagnosed education, the use of DigiBete and producing training videos (contains: newly diagnosed, education, DigiBete, training videos, patient and carer feedback, driver diagram, outcome data).

Manchester Royal Infirmary

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Manchester NHS Foundation Trust – Wythenshawe Hospital Site

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The team at Rotherham talk about their project improving the experience for newly diagnosed patient and rolling out the DigiBete app (contains: patient communication, Digibete, carb counting, newly diagnosed, fishbone diagram, run-chart, qualitative feedback, quantitative feedback).

Salford Royal Hospital

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(keywords: transition, change environment, changing clinic location, joint consultation, adult team, patient feedback)


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The Stockport team take us through their journey in improving their communication with families (contains: communication, qualitative feedback, quantitative feedback, Digibete, webinars, virtual meetings).

York Teaching Hospitals – Scarborough team

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Pennine Acute Hospitals

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The Pennine team talk about improving their average Hba1c through developing their high HBa1c policy and using DigiBete to encourage improvement in knowledge (contains: High HbA1c policy, outcome data, reduction in average HbA1c ).

York Teaching Hospitals – York team

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The team at York talk about how they have improved their engagement with and empowerment of children and young people (contains: improved clinic experience, team working, DigiBete, PREMs, outcome data, logo competition).

Bassetlaw Team

The team at Bassetlaw Hospital talk about their QI journey so far including how they are working to reduce HbA1c through providing standardised meal and exercise instructions for schools (contains: reducing HbA1c, schools, school care plan, timetable).


Calderdale and Huddersfield

The Calderdale and Huddersfield team talk about the improvements they will be making to their transition service (contains: transition, virtual technology, patient focus group, team meetings, survey design)

Central Manchester Hospitals

The Central Manchester Hospitals team present their progress so far in how they are working to improve their clinic processes (contains: process mapping, clinic processes, purpose statement, team engagement, team meetings, communication).

Pennine Acute team

The Pennine Acute team present their progress so far including how they are working to reduce average HbA1c (contains: team working, uploading from home, DigiBete, high HBa1c pathway, improving education)

York Team

The York team present their progress so far including how they are focussing their QI work upon improving downloads, clinic experiences, and first year of diagnosis (contains: process mapping, patient feedback, PREMs, NPDA, educational resources, download from diagnosis, team working).

Scarborough Team

The Scarborough Team talk about their QI progress so far in working to lower average HbA1c through developing education (contains: education, HbA1c policy, patient feedback, DigiBete)


The Stockport Team present their progress so far in improving communication with their patients and the different methods involved in this (contains: Communication with patients, PREM outcomes, transition survey, CYP feedback, DigiBete, QI meetings).






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