Wave 5 – Manchester

Explore all the posters and resources produced by the teams on wave 5. The Manchester wave took part in the QI Collaborative from May 2019 to January 2020.

Session 1 9 May 2019
Session 2 9 July 2019
Session 3 1 October 2019
Session 4 7 January 2020

Session 4 posters

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals

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(keywords: care pathways, education, T1d, restructuring clinics, newly diagnosed workbook, psychology supervision, ‘Cook and Eat’, South Asian parent group, Libre template, pump pathway, driver diagram, qualitative feedback, outcome data).

Southport and Ormskirk

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(keywords: Transition, patient activation measure, patient feedback, psychologically informed, progress appointments)

Contact a QI Collaborative team

  • For example: I would like to know more about their high HBa1c pathway project

Tameside and Glossop

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(keywords: improving quality of care, NPDA, screening, patient involvement, communication with families, high HbA1c, improving transition, support for families, newly diagnosed, education).


Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh

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(keywords: improving transition, insulin passport, patient engagement, complex patients, education, carb counting, team working, care processes)

University Hospitals of North Midlands

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(keywords: monthly QI meetings, insulin pump questionnaire, families new to pump, fishbone diagram, outcome data, qualitative feedback)

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

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(keywords: Libre view, virtual clinics, improve data collection, YoutherapY, structured education, technology, Freestyle Libre, WhatsApp, NPDA)

East Lancashire Hospitals

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(keywords: DeApp, newly diagnosed, pre-high school, carb counting, clinic room, outcome data, PDSA, tree of life, education, attendance)

Mid Yorkshire

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(keywords: education at diagnosis, structured education, annual reviews, peer support, data)


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(keywords: transition, pathway, adult diabetes team, process map, age groups, qualitative data, education)

Tameside and Glossop

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(keywords: communication, with patients, with families, specific pathways, clinic summary, data)

University Hospital of North Midlands and Midlands Partnership

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(keywords: patient experience, technology, insulin pumps, CGM, structured meetings, agenda, patient feedback)


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(keywords: structured education, DeApp, annual reviews, patient huddle, clinic review, bottle top voting, improved workplace, data)

Wigan, Wrightington and Leigh

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(keywords: transition, insulin passport, patient engagement, complex patients, education)

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