Wave 8 – Darlington

The Darlington wave started the programme in January 2020 and will end in March 2021.

Session 1 22 January 2020
Session 2 22 September 2020
Session 3 9 December 2020
Session 4 9 March 2021

Session 2 presentations and videos – 22 September 2020

The team at South Tyneside Foundation Trust talk about their QI journey so far including how they are using communication pathways and making more effective use of resources.

(contains: Digibete, getting feedback from families, qualitative feedback, adaptation to Covid19).

Contact a QI Collaborative team

  • For example: I would like to know more about their high HBa1c pathway project

The team at Northumbria Healthcare take us through their QI journey so far. This presentation was recorded as part of the World Café activity on session 2 (contains: improving transition, finding time to meet about QI, process map, transition checklist, improving team working).

The team at Hull University Teaching Hospitals take us through the QI journey so far. This presentation was recorded as part of the World Café event on session 2 (contains: improving self management, CHO from diagnosis, adapting to working virtually).

Hull University Teaching Hospitals
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Session 4 posters and videos – 9 March 2021

County Durham and Darlington
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Gateshead Health
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North Cumbria
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South Tyneside and Sunderland
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