Wave 9 – Cambridge

The Cambridge wave started the programme in September 2020 and will complete in June 2021. Posters and presentations will be posted here throughout the programme.

Session 1 30 September 2020
Session 2 6 January 2021
Session 3 29 April 2021
Session 4 23 June 2021

Session 2 presentations – 6 March 2021

North West Anglia

The team at North West Anglia talk about their aim to increase the percentage of patients downloading at home (contains: process mapping, SMART targets, data collection, team working).

Contact a QI Collaborative team

  • For example: I would like to know more about their high HBa1c pathway project


Whittington Hospital

The team at Whittington Hospital talk about improving their school training sessions, as well as exploring how they can work more effectively as a team (Contains: School education, overcoming barriers, improving team working).

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