Wave 14 – National Virtual wave

Wave 14 will start the programme in May 2021 and will complete in January 2022. Posters and presentations will be posted here throughout the programme.

Session 1 18 May 2021 
Session 2 15 July 2021 
Session 3 12 October 2021
Session 4 11 January 2022

15 July 2021

Barnsley Hospitals

The team at Barnsley Hospital NHSFT take us through their plans to improve time in range on downloads (contains: time in range, downloads, fishbone diagram, Diasend data).

Broomfield Hospital

The team at the Broomfield Children’s Diabetes team talk us through the early stages of their project aimed at reducing DNAs through use of technology (contains: technology, engagement, DNAs, team working, data).

East Cheshire

The East Cheshire team take us through the early stages of their project to improve structured education and establish a dedicated annual review clinic (contains: structured education, annual review, team meetings)


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