Wave 6 – Bristol

The Bristol wave took part in the QI Collaborative from September 2019 to September 2020. The Bristol wave was the first to have a virtual session due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Session 1 10 September 2019
Session 2 3 December 2019
Session 3 11 March 2020
Session 4 10 September 2020

Session 4 posters and presentations

Swansea Bay UHB

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The team at Swansea Bay UHB take us through how they have continued to provide services for children and young people during the pandemic through using QI methods

(contains: changes made during Covid19, Attend Anywhere, driver diagram, outcome data, qualitative feedback).

Aneurin Bevan

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‘Making diabetes ordinary so our children and young people can be extraordinary’. The team at Aneurin Bevan present their QI project during session 4 of the QI Collaborative on improving patient experience. (contains: improving clinic experience, process mapping, adaptation to Covid19, qualitative/quantitative feedback from families and colleagues).

Contact a QI Collaborative team

  • For example: I would like to know more about their high HBa1c pathway project


Yeovil District Hospital

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‘Improving our service for young people living with a high HBa1c’ – The team at Yeovil District Hospital take us through their QI journey (contains: high HBa1c pathway, qualitative feedback, fishbone analysis, driver diagram).

Great Western Hospital

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‘Helping you navigate through the diabetes roundabout’ – The team at Great Western Hospitals take us through their QI journey (Contains: driver diagram, working with schools, data capturing, PDSA cycle, qualitative feedback).

Our QI Journey – The team at University Hospitals Plymouth share their QI journey, where they worked to improve PDSN contact and DNA rates (contains: data collection, adapting to changes around Covid19, reducing DNA)

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