Phase 1 – Your journey starts here!

Welcome to Phase 1 of the virtual CYP Diabetes QI Collaborative! Start here with our introductory videos!

Online programme – Moving through phase 1!

It was great to meet you all recently in session 1. As discussed during the meeting, this webpage provides all  the learning and exercises to be completed for phase 1.

We have designed this page to be as simple to follow as possible, with quick access to resources and clarity over what is required from your team in order to get the best out of the programme and make improvements to your service.

Below you will find a progress chart. This provides you with all the necessary preparation that will be required from your team before the end of phase 1. You may wish to display this on a staff room wall to keep track of your progress.

Aims of phase 1

  • To define your purpose
  • To start using QI methods, planning your QI project and making small manageable changes to your service


  • Get in contact with your local QI team and involve them in your work – they can be a valuable source of expertise and support
  • Start small – Decide what you would to change in your service and start putting small and manageable changes into action

Getting started: Introductory videos – Work through the short instructional videos below as a team

Intro video 1: Where the QI Collaborative came from

Dr. Tricia Woodhead explains the origins of the Diabetes QI programme and what worked when this programme was carried out in Sweden.

Intro video 2: How are we doing?

Tricia presents the national picture on the direction of the HbA1c in England and Wales and our ongoing efforts to bring this figure down.

Intro video 3: How teams and improvement methods work together

Tricia explains how high performing teams and improvement methods work together.

Intro video 4: Patients and microsystems

An introduction to patients and microsystems, as well as a quick run-through of the PDSA cycle.

Intro video 5: PDSA and real life

Using the PDSA cycle in our daily work.

We hope those videos have given you a full introduction to the collaborative!

Now move to the section below to continue your QI journey with our instructional videos

Additional videos

If you would like to explore more, then feel free to view the below videos to view QI concepts in more detail –

High Performing teams and using QI tools

This is a recording of the high performing teams presentation from Session 1.

Further reading

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