High HbA1c pathway

QI projects focussed on improving the high HbA1c pathway, including posters, presentations and team videos. Browse through the projects to find guidance and inspiration for your own high HbA1C improvement projects. 

St George’s Hospitals – Winchester (Wave 7)

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George Eliot – Leicester (Wave 12) 

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(keywords: fishbone analysis, high HBa1c policy, structured education, carb counting, driver diagram, fishbone analysis)

Pennine Acute team – Sheffield (Wave 10)                                                     

The Pennine Acute team present their progress so far including how they are working to reduce average HbA1c (contains: team working, uploading from home, DigiBete, high HBa1c pathway, improving education)

Yeovil District Hospital – Winchester (Wave 7)

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‘Improving our service for young people living with a high HBa1c’ – The team at Yeovil District Hospital take us through their QI journey (contains: high HBa1c pathway, qualitative feedback, fishbone analysis, driver diagram).

St George’s Hospitals

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‘Working on our newly diagnosed pathway’ – The team at St George’s Healthcare talk about the improvements made to their High Hba1c, Pump Start and Newly Diagnosed pathways (contains: fishbone analysis, driver diagram, outcome data, qualitative feedback, high HBa1c, pump start, newly diagnosed).

Featured presentation

University Hospitals Leicester

The University Hospitals Leicester team talk about the improvements they are making to their high HBa1c pathway (contains: patient education, HBa1c pathway, process mapping, assessment checklist, team working):


Leicester Children’s Hospital – Leicester (Wave 12) 28 January 2021