Wave 13 – National Virtual wave

Wave 13 will start the programme in May 2021 and will complete in January 2022. Posters and presentations will be posted here throughout the programme.

Session 1 11 May 2021
Session 2 20 July 2021
Session 3 6 October 2021
Session 4 12 January 2022

11 May 2021 – Wordclouds

The team at University Hospitals Southampton take us through their plans to improve their completion of urine ACR and carbohydrate counting in 14 days from diagnosis (contains: urine ACR, carbohydrate counting from diagnosis, fishbone analysis, patient engagement, staff engagement, data).

The team at Warrington and Halton talk about their work to increase the numbers of those receiving level 3 carb counting within 2 weeks of diagnosis (contains: carb counting, newly diagnosed, team communication, CHO training, virtual resources, cookery classes, carb counting classes).

The team at Hampshire Hospitals talk about their work to improvement level 3 carbohydrate counting at diagnosis (contains: NPDA, team working, communication, fishbone analysis).

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