Wave 1 – National Pilot

Explore all the posters and resources produced by the team on wave 1. The wave 1 teams took part in the pilot phase of the QI Collaborative back in November 2017.


Session 1 12 November 2017
Session 2 6 February 2018
Session 3 25 April 2018
Session 4 7 July 2018


Final session posters

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals

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(keywords – Empowerment and education, self-management, Diasend, knowledge and skills building, PDSA, fishbone diagram, qualitative feedback)


Bolton Foundation Trust

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(keywords – developing support network, team meetings, PDSA, carb counting at diagnosis, driver diagram).

Derby Children’s Hospital

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(keywords: Nurse led pump starts, pump service, pre and post clinic communication, Diasend, carb counting at diagnosis, PDSA, run chart, data, team working)

East Sussex Healthcare

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(keywords: improving communication with families, consistent messages, defined pathway, education. driver diagram, feedback, HBa1c data)

Gloucester Hospitals

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(keywords: improving clinic experience, engagement and attendance, reducing waiting time, patient involvement, diabetes management, Diasend downloading, process mapping, driver diagram)

The Hillingdon Hospitals

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(keywords: improving HBa1c and quality of life, pump support plan, blood glucose chart, fishbone analysis, PDSA cycles)

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

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(keywords: carb-counting at diagnosis, team meetings, micro teaching in clinic, Expert Meters from diagnosis, Diasend).

Western Sussex Hospitals

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(keywords:  team meeting, video conferencing, team WhatsApp group, self-care, education, consistency of advice, fishbone diagram, run chart)

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