Explore posters and presentations from teams working on improvement projects focussed on technology, including uploading from diagnosis, increasing the number of patients on CGM and improving downloads from home.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn – Cambridge (Wave 10)

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Barking, Havering and Redbridge – Leicester (Wave 12)

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(keywords: uploading from home, uploading from diagnosis, schools, Libre 2, fishbone analysis, driver diagram, outcome data).

Kettering General Hospital – Leicester (Wave 12)

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Pro-forma – Download here

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals – Birmingham (Wave 11)

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Shrewsbury and Telford – Birmingham (Wave 11)

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Laura Bird (QI Champion – Shropshire Diabetes Service) takes us through her team’s process of identifying areas to improve. Also introduced is the subject of technology in self-management and insulin adjustment (Keywords: technology, organising, challenges, barriers, team meetings).

University Hospitals Birmingham – Birmingham (Wave 11)

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Rotherham – Sheffield (Wave 10)

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The team at Rotherham talk about their project improving the experience for newly diagnosed patient and rolling out the DigiBete app (contains: patient communication, Digibete, carb counting, newly diagnosed, fishbone diagram, run-chart, qualitative feedback, quantitative feedback).

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn – Cambridge (Wave 9)

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North West Anglia – Cambridge (Wave 9)

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Gateshead Health – Darlington (Wave 8)

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(keywords: technology, TidePool, DigiBete app, qualitative feedback, collecting time in range, outcome data)

Featured presentation

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals

The team at the Sandwell and West Birmingham talk us through their work to improve the numbers of children and young people on CGM (Keywords: Continuous Glucose Monitoring, self-care, self-management, interpretation of data, carb counting, patient education):