Wave 11 – Regional (Birmingham)

The Birmingham wave started the programme in September 2020 and completed in July 2021. Posters and presentations will be posted here throughout the programme.

Session 1 13 October 2020
Session 2 12 January 2021
Session 3 21 April 2021
Session 4 13 July 2021

Dudley group

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Hywel Dda

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The team at Hywel Dda talk about improving children and young people’s access to and use of technology (contains: technology, benchmarking use of technology, COVID, patient contact):

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals

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The team at the Sandwell and West Birmingham talk us through their work to improve the numbers of children and young people on CGM (Keywords: Continuous Glucose Monitoring, self-care, self-management, interpretation of data, carb counting, patient education):

Shrewsbury and Telford

Group 1 – Technology

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Laura Bird (QI Champion – Shropshire Diabetes Service) takes us through her team’s process of identifying areas to improve. Also introduced is the subject of technology in self-management and insulin adjustment (Keywords: technology, organising, challenges, barriers, team meetings):

Group 2 – Developing a Solution Focused Clinic for Paediatric Diabetes

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The team at Shropshire and Telford take us through their QI work to develop their solution focused clinics (contains: solution focused clinic, Ormskirk model, clinic structure, patient and carer feedback):

Group 3 – Transition

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University Hospitals Birmingham

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University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire

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‘Your move done together’ – The team at Coventry and Warwickshire take us through their work to improve their transition service (contains: transition, your move done together, joint working, adult consultants, fishbone analysis, DigiBete, clinic time, patient feedback):

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals

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Walsall Paediatric Diabetes Team

The Walsall team talk about their work to improve microalbuminuria screening, retinal screening, CHO counting uptake and sick day management education (contains: microalbuminuria, retinal screening, CHO counting, sick day management, psychology provision, patient engagement, QI meetings, patient feedback):

The Walsall team then take us further along their QI journey and share how they have organised their projects and worked to improve urine microalbuminuria screening, carbohydrate counting, sick day rules and retinal screening (keywords: albuminuria, carbohydrate counting, sick day rules, retinal screening, NPDA data):

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