Patient education

Projects focussed on patient education, including posters, presentations and team videos. Browse through the case examples to find guidance and inspiration for your own patient education QI projects.

North West Anglia – (Wave 3)

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York Teaching Hospitals

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Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Tools to Improve Pump Skills (TIPS) – The team at Chesterfield Royal Hospital talk about developing their micro-education sessions, improved clinic flow and gained feedback from children and young people (Contains: Micro-education, clinic flow, fishbone analysis, patient feedback, downloading, consolidation sheet)

Read the article here.

East and North Hertfordshire

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Royal Devon and Exeter

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(keywords: education toolkit, patient held record, PDSN data collection sheet, process mapping, pre clinic sheet)

North West Anglia

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(keywords: improving education, improving self-management, structured education, downloading, outcome data, feedback from parents)

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

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(keywords: newly diagnosed education, downloading from diagnosis, annual review, Twinkle banner, ketone cards, 7 care processes, HBa1c run chart)

East Sussex Healthcare

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(keywords: improving communication with families, consistent messages, defined pathway, education. driver diagram, feedback, HBa1c data)

Featured presentation

York Paediatric Diabetes Team

The team at York talk about how they have improved their engagement with and empowerment of children and young people (contains: improved clinic experience, team working, DigiBete, PREMs, outcome data, logo competition):

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