Wave 4 – Exeter

Explore all the posters and resources produced by the teams on wave 4. Wave 4 (Exeter) were the first of the regional waves. They completed the programme back in December 2019.

Session 1 13 March 2019
Session 2 12 June 2019
Session 3 12 September 2019
Session 4 2 December 2019

Session 4 posters – December 2019

Torbay and South Devon

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(keywords: team message, communication, common language, rum chart, patient tracker, Facebook page, Deapp, clinic education board, post discharge survival sheet, patient questionnaires, patient clinic sheet).

Presentation – recorded on 3 March 2021

‘One team – One Message’ The QI Champions at Torbay and North Devon talk about their project aimed at improving consistency in communication in clinics (contains: common language, clinic experience, drifters, fishbone analysis, improving team meetings, team questionnaire, ‘ten top tips’)

Resources to download:
Top 10 Tips
High HbA1c Scan


Royal Devon and Exeter

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(keywords: education toolkit, patient held record, PDSN data collection sheet, process mapping, pre clinic sheet)

Contact a QI Collaborative team

  • For example: I would like to know more about their high HBa1c pathway project


Royal Cornwall Hospitals

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(keywords: improving annual review experience, driver diagram, qualitative feedback)

Northern Devon Healthcare

Northern Devon Healthcare

(keywords: improving care at diagnosis, process mapping, deapp, logo competition, resource bag)

Session 2 presentations – June 2019

North Devon Team

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Royal Cornwall Team

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Royal Devon & Exeter Team

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Torbay Team

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